Ozaukee Bike Routes

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The Great Lake Michigan

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Ride Our Trail & Rural Roads.

     20 Routes from 14 to 95 miles

Maps and Cue Sheets

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Villages and Farmland

Lakes and Rivers

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

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Quiet Trail and Town Roads

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Try a Sunset on Camp Awana Road

Or, Try a Sunrise in Port Washington

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Ride Your Bike!

See The Daisies

Smell The Roses

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Or, just work up a sweat!

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With the exception of the “Dance” video, the following videos attempt to present some serious and not-so-serious cycling info unrelated to Ozaukee Bike Routes. Content will be changed from time to time at the whim of the webmaster. The Dance video is offered as a public service. Just watching this video (no participation needed) will provide the equivalent of three minutes of intense cardio vascular exercise. Be sure to click the Sound and Full-Screen icons.


by Jon Carr

Artic Frost

by Flippo Rivetti

State Bike

by Vogner

A-Z of Dance

by Jacob Sutton

Fast Ride

by Simon Christen


by Simon Christen

Ozaukee Bike Routes