West Bend

This is a very demanding ride intended for experienced riders. If it were a longer ride it would be rated with an effort level of 4. Although there is a food stop in West Bend, riders intent upon a vigorous workout have an option to skip this segment of the route. There are a few (very short) sections where motor vehicle traffic needs to be watched carefully and riders need to proceed single file only. Pleasant Valley and Decorah roads being examples. However, most of this route features low volume car traffic and wonderful scenery. Highly recommended for those riders able to handle the physical requirements of this route. Covered Bridge Park is one of the iconic features of Ozaukee County. This ride takes you within a half mile or so of the Riveredge Nature Center just detour a bit out of Newburg on County Y (north) - it's a great place to visit! The Cue Sheet directs you to Main Street in West Bend where there is a great restaurant on the corner (and others down the street). Newburg has a service station and convenience store. Covered Bridge Park is a wonderful place to explore on foot. It also has toilet facilities.