Waubedonia Park

The goal for this ride is to provide a short, easy route between two of Ozaukee County's "Treasures of OZ" sites. This ride features Waubedonia Park in Fredonia and Huiras Lake a bit to the north. The route has a couple of short steep hills and a short section of a county highway. The highway has only moderate traffic and a very good paved shoulder. This route should be suitable for all but the most novice cyclist. There is great scenery and a nice food stop. Highly recommended for riders who will appreciate finding the hidden gems of beauty in Ozaukee County. Waubedonia Park features magnificent views of the Milwaukee River. After visting the park, you'll leave Fredonia and travel on some great county roads to Huiras Lake. If you were not able to hike the .7 miles to Huiras Lake (our turn around point) you may wish to return by car and hike the wonderful trail to the lake. We should also mention that Waubedonia Park has beautiful overnight camping sites.