Brown Deer Park

The ride starts in the center of Cedarburg where the Inter Urban Trail crosses Washington Ave (the main street) and then uses the trail to head south until you reach Brown Deer Park in Milwaukee County. The Inter Urban Trail becomes the Oak Leaf Trail after crossing the Milwaukee County line. A spur off of the trail leads into Brown Deer Park where you ride a large park road loop to explore the entire park. We leave the park and journey on to Virmond Park on mostly residential roads although a few sections have moderate motor vehicle traffic. From Virmond we head north along Lake Michigan shore until we reach Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve. From there it's a couple of miles back to the Inter Urban Trail which leads back to Cedarburg. This is a fairly easy route however there are a few sections of public roads with moderate traffic. Brown Deer Park is part of Milwaukee County's great park system. Virmond Park is a wonderful Ozaukee County asset located on the bluffs of Lake Michigan. Along the way, you pass the entrance to the Lions Den - this would make a great side trip. Along the Trail, you pass the entrance to Bratt Woods Nature Preserve. Cedarburg has numerous places to eat and rest. The parks you pass all have restroom facilities.