Tendick Park

This is a short ride and relatively easy. It's rated as an effort level of 2 only because the of Saukville - Hwy 33 intersection. Although it's only a few tenths of a mile, this stretch of road needs to be crossed very carefully. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to traverse this intersection by using the traffic light walk signals and the sidewalk over the bridge. This route has several hills but all of them are of the gentle rolling variety - no sharp steep climbs. Although single-file is recommended on a few sections of road, overall this is a low-traffic route on scenic roads. Lion's Den and Tendick parks are great places to visit. Visit the Lake Michigan bluffs in Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve and watch the Frisbee players at Tendick. Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve is a must - see Treasures of OZ - Lion's Den. Tendick Park is a great destination Treasures of OZ - Tendick Park. Although this route does not use the Inter Urban Trail, it crosses the trail just north of the x-way trail bridge. Therefore, riders can access the bulk of this route using the trail from either the Grafton or Port Washington directions. Because this is a short route, we recommend packing a lunch or snack for Tendick Park (very nice shelter). However, Saukville has restaurants on Foster Rd - a short detour off of Cty Hwy W, just north of the Marcus Theater.