Forest Beach

This is a very easy ride that is suitable for most novice cyclists. There is only one actual hill and it's not very steep or long. A nice scenic and relaxing ride with views of Lake Michigan in Harrington Beach State Park. The ride can be made even shorter with a couple of alternatives. The first alternative is to backtrack to Lake Church Village and take Hwy D to Belgium. The second alternative is to travel 2 miles north of Harrington Beach and then turn west on Jay Road to get on the bike trail. A detour into Belgium can be used for a lunch break. One of Ozaukee County's newest preserves, Forest Beach Migratory Preserve is a great place to start a ride. Of course, Harrington Beach State Park is a major attraction for this ride. Cedar Grove is a neat village just over the Sheboygan line that has an interesting annual Holland Festival. Cedar Grove is the turn-around point.