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Welcome 2021

1/1/2021 1:01:00 AM

Last year our goal was to continue working on the 8 new routes of 15 miles or less for casual riders. These routes were designed to highlight various sections of the Interurban Trail - starting in Milwaukee County, ending in Sheboygan County, and centered around interesting landmarks along the way. You can find these 8 "Casual" routes at the end of the route list on the home page. 

Once again, the realities of life interfered with our goals.  The Covid virus dampened everyone’s enthusiasm for getting together to check out the routes, capture photos, etc.  As it stands, all of the routes have a map and cue sheet, but only three of them have actually been ridden and validated - so no guarantees for the other five being accurate. 

These are the three routes that have been validated:

  • Brown Deer Casual - this is basically just an Interurban Trail ride that highlights a starting point in Brown Deer Park and a turnaround point at a coffee shop and restaurant in Mequon for an easy 14 mile loop.

  • Thiensville Casual - this easy 11 mile ride is very interesting and a pretty unique route.  It’s like a treasure hunt in a maze!  There are a couple of short sections of busy roads to deal with, but most of the route is in a lovely and quiet subdivision.  The subdivision is a maze of twists and turns to thread your way along and across the Milwaukee River.  The route  starts on the Interurban Trail and quickly crosses the Milwaukee River. The goal is to find the second river crossing to return to the Trail.  Every roadway is very clearly marked - you just need to follow directions!

  • Grafton Casual - a short 7 mile loop from Cedarburg to Grafton and back to Cedarburg.  It’s an easy ride with a wonderful tour of Lime Kiln Park and great refreshment opportunities in Grafton near the Milwaukee River.

Hopefully we can begin a return to some degree of normalcy in 2021 and finish up these routes.  Best wishes for 2021 and many happy cycling miles!