Ozaukee Bike Routes

28 Bike Friendly Routes

Wabedonia Park

This is an easy 14 mile ride that features Waubedonia Park in Fredonia and Huiras Lake a bit to the north. The route has some very scenic country roads and a couple of short steep hills and a short section of a county highway. And, a wonderful food stop. [Details]

Tendick Riveredge

This is a fairly short 14 mile route and a relatively easy ride between Tendick Park and Riveredge Nature Center. It's rated as an effort level of 2 only because of two short but steep hills. [Details]

Tendick Park

A short 16 mile loop between Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve on Lake Michigan and Tendick Park north of Saukville. It's rated as an effort level of 2 only because of the Saukville Hwy 33 intersection - only a few tenths of a mile, but needs to be crossed very carefully. [Details]

Covered Bridge

An easy 20 mile loop from Port Washington Harbor to the Covered Bridge Park north of Cedarburg. Ozaukee County is very well represented by the attractions in this short bike ride. [Details]

Forest Beach

An easy 25 mile loop from Forest Beach Migratory Preserve to Harrington Beach, Belgium, and Cedar Grove. There are a couple of alternatives to shorten this route. [Details]


This moderate effort 28 mile loop starts in Cedarburg, turns around in Jackson, and visits the Covered Bridge Park - it doesn’t use the Interurban Trail although it’s starting point is on the trail in Cedarburg. It’s rated as a “moderate” route due to some roads with moderate traffic pressure. [Details]

Virmond Park Short

This is an easy 32 mile loop that starts at Virmond Park, visits Lion’s Den Gorge Natue Preserve and Bratt Woods, and goes through Cedarburg and Thiensville. A nearly flat ride with a few gentle grades. [Details]

Harrington Beach

A modest effort 35 mile loop that starts in Port Washington and visits Harrington Beach State Park and Belgium. Bicyclists may enter the park without a state park pass or having to pay any fees. [Details]


This modest effort 36 mile loop starts in Port Washington and visits Fredonia along with Waubedonia Park on the Milwaukee River. You are strongly advised to stop at the Cedar Valley Cheese Factory and Store along the way. [Details]

Brown Deer Park

This modest effort 36 mile loop starts in Milwaukee’s Brown Deer Park and visits Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve along with Grafton, Cedarburg and Thiensville. Although a fairly easy route, there are a few sections of public roads with moderate traffic. [Details]

West Bend

This 39 mile demanding ride is intended for experienced riders. The route starts in Covered Bridge Park, and goes through West Bend and Newburg. At Newburg a one mile detour would also allow a visit to the Riveredge Nature Center. [Details]

Random Lake

This 45 mile moderate effort route starts in Port Washington and then visits Fredonia, Waubedonia Park, Waubeka (home of Flag Day), Random Lake and Belgium. The village of Random Lake, has excellent food stops and a wonderful beach if you prefer a picnic style lunch. [Details]

Cedar Grove

Although 46 miles long, this is a modest effort route with gentle rolling farm roads with very little motor vehicle traffic. The route starts in Port Washington, goes through Saukville and turns around in Cedar Grove. A very scenic and relaxing ride. [Details]

Virmond Park Medium

Another modest effort 46 mile route along Lake Michigan and visiting Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve, Port Washington, Saukville, Milwaukee River, Covered Bridge Park, Cedarburg, and Thiensville. Virmond Park provides a convenient starting point for riders from the Milwaukee area. [Details]

Camp Awana

This moderate effort 51 mile route is intended for experienced riders who don’t mind a few hills to be rewarded with some great views and thrilling downhill runs. The route starts in Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve and goes through Saukville,Waubeka, and Belgium. The Cheese Store at Hwy 57 has great ice cream besides lots of cheese. [Details]


A moderate effort 53 mile loop that starts in Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve and turns around in Oostburg. The route uses some really great quiet country roads - some with unique old-world names. The return from Oostburg uses the Interurban Trail. [Details]

Virmond Park Long

A moderate effort 60 mile loop that heads north to Port Washington and then goes inland to Fredonia where it starts back visiting Newburg, Cedarburg and Thiensville before returning to Virmond Park. A few decent hills but overall a relaxing ride on scenic roads. [Details]

Terry Andrae

Other than being 65 miles long, this is a moderate effort route that builds on the Oostburg route to add a short trip to Terry Andrae State Park. Be sure to spend some time exploring the beaches - and note there are restrooms and vending machines in the beach area. [Details]


The 80 mile distance warrants a “Challenging” effort rating. However, it’s simply a minor addition to the Terry Andrae route on relatively easy roads. Once you reach the Sheboygan City Harbor area, we recommend the Weather Center Cafe for refreshments and turn around point. [Details]

Grand Loop

This challenging 95 mile around all of Ozaukee County is only for the most experienced riders. The route starts in Virmond Park touches Sheboygan, Washington, and Milwaukee Counties. There is great scenery and many refreshment stops along the way. See the map for a better understanding. [Details]

Brown Deer Casual

A 14 Mile easy loop from Brown Deer Park in Milwaukee County to Thiensville using the Interurban Trail. [Details]

Thiensville Casual

An easy 11 mile loop starting and ending in Thiensville following the Milwaukee River and mostly off trail on quiet streets. There are a few sections of busy road that may not be appropriate for riders looking for a route suitable for accompanied children. [Details]

Cedarburg Casual

An easy 13 mile loop along city streets and country roads to Covered Bridge. There are a few stretches of roads with moderate motor vehicle traffic. [Details]

Grafton Casual

An easy 7 mile ride from Cedarburg to Lime Kiln Park in Grafton. A few intersections with busy traffic. [Details]

Port Washington Casual

An easy 11 mile ride starting in Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve and looping back from Port Washington. Some hills and traffic. [Details]

Belgium Casual

An easy 11 mile loop from Belgium through Harrington Beach - mostly off the trail. [Details]

Belgium Waterfowl Casual

An easy 15 mile loop from Belgium to Cedar Valley Cheese Store - mostly off the trail. [Details]

Cedar Grove Casual

An easy 12 mile ride on the trail from Cedar Grove to Oostburg and returning on quiet roads. [Details]