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Port Washington is the Ozaukee County Seat

and the mid-point of the trail.

Parking Locations

Some of the good places to leave a vehicle


Brown Deer Park

Milwaukee County
South access to the Trail.
5 miles to Mequon Rd. - Thiensville
Also good parking at Mequon Rd


Ozaukee County
One of the two mid-way parking places.
Where the trail crosses Washington Ave, use the Community Center parking lot

Port Washington

Ozaukee County
Veteran's Memorial Park is another mid-way parking area that's just north of the harbor.
Ample parking near the bandshell

Cedar Grove

Sheboyban County, WI
North access - Park N side of town
5.5 miles to Belgium - good parking there also.

Your Trail Experience

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From Our Trail Riders

Comment Rider Ride Date
Comment Rider Ride Date
The Harrington Beach route (#1) is a great way to put your toe into Lake Michigan. It's a great park! Rider Jane 06-09-18
Route #5 - West Bend is challenging but a great ride and great workout! Visiting West Bend is bonus. Biker Joe 05-23-18
Waubedonia Park - no. 20 - is a very nice way to spend a easy day on a bike and take in lots of interesting sights. Good food stop also. Saddle Sally 05-17-18
Tendick-Riveredge (14) is a great way to visit the Riveredge Nature Center. Highly recommend going into the facility and browsing the exhibits, books, etc. What a peaceful place! Pete 05-21-18
The Interurban Trail is a great feature of Ozaukee County. It's such a great way to visit several of the cities and villages of the county. I really like the idea that I can ride my bike and find plenty of coffee shops along the way. Mike and Sarah 06-09-18
Several of the routes go through Port Washington. I strongly recommend a tour of Coal Dock Park. What a wonderful place. Slow Poke 05-26-18
The grand route is awesome and a great way to get in shape for cross country touring. Touring Ted 06-11-18

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We believe bicycling is a great way to have fun while getting healthy exercise and doing our bit for the planet! We encourage Ozaukee County residents and tourists to explore our county "Up Close and Personal" - as only a bicycle can make possible.
Offers a unique bicycle experience:

- Paved rural roads, few cars, great scenery
- Flat to rolling plus a few decent hills
- 30 mile paved trail
- Numerous parks and nature sites
- Lake Michigan and Milwaukee River
  • Why do I need a website for bike rides in Ozaukee County?
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We are a small group of cyclists who simply want to share our accumulated knowledge regarding biking in Ozaukee County and adjacent areas. We are all volunteers and have no commercial interest in the project - several of us are retired folks who have been long time advocates of bicycling and now have some discretionary time to be more proactive advocates.