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Welcome to the Ozaukee Bike Routes Blog

As the webmaster- administrator for Ozaukee Bike Routes website,  I’d like to welcome you  and explain our two major goals:

  • To encourage more people to ride bicycles for recreation and physical fitness; both for your personal health benefit and the health of the planet.
  • To help bicyclists who ride in Ozaukee County to have a safe and enjoyable experience; having fun is a good thing and being safe makes it even better.

To meet these goals, this website details 20 routes that explore trails & low-traffic roads, parks & preserves, rivers & lakes, and towns & villages in and near Ozaukee County.  We feel that the variety of scenery and amenities afforded by our county is the spice that keeps cycling a compelling choice for recreation and exercise.

Our routes range from 14 to 80 miles in length and have four different levels of effort.  The easy effort routes are suitable for novice riders while the tougher ones can challenge the experienced rider.  Our routes listing makes it easy to choose the mileage and effort level that suits your ability.

We hope to encourage a community of riders who share experiences, make suggestions and perhaps even submit some photos.  To facilitate such community conversations we have an online forum.

Ozaukee Bike Routes was created primarily for adult cyclists who are experienced with riding a bicycle on public roads. However, this was not intended to discourage parents from teaching their children how to enjoy using our routes in a supervised manner - let common sense be your guide. For family touring, we suggest using the distance and effort parameters published for the routes as a means to select the most appropriate and safe experience.

As safety is a paramount concern of ours and we need to be clear about our role, we’re obliged to have a disclaimer statement:

Although Ozaukee Bike Routes (URL of www.bikex.net), is devoted to researching and publishing the safest bicycle routes in our area, it must be understood that any bicycling activity may result in injuries (including death). Therefore, neither Ozaukee Bike Routes nor any of its affiliates, assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or safety aspects of the routes it describes. Cyclists must assume full responsibility for their own safety while using these routes or participating in any other event or activity mentioned on this website.

And a privacy statement:

We won't sell the information collected during the user login process on the forum. Personal Profile information will only be displayed by those users who fill in the information on the Profile Page. Users who post comments automatically give consent to share those comments on the website. Comments posted by users of this website will be policed periodically but no promise is made regarding offensive material that may appear in the meantime.

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