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Riding in the Springtime

Nothing will cure the winter doldrums like a bike ride on a sunny day with a little fresh snow brightening up the side of the trail or roadway!  Here in WI we get to enjoy these springtime snowfalls that decorate the landscape while keeping the pavement relatively clear  – well, most of the time anyway.

Please see the previous post on Riding in November for cool weather clothing suggestions.  It’s pretty much the same deal for WI springtime except it keeps getting warmer instead of colder as time marches forth.  Speaking of time, remember that after the 21st of March there are only 3 months before the days start getting shorter again.  So, don’t waste a day!

Don’t hesitate to ride on any day where the pavement is free of ice and temps rise to 40+. 

Roadside Snow

Enjoy the Ride!

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