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New Website for 2016

Our website has been completely revised for 2016.   The goals are: 

  • Support devices from phones to desktop computers. 
  • Revise the content to better reflect the needs of our riders. 
  • Provide a blog, forum and photo album using full featured apps.
  • Broaden appeal with better imagery. 

Here are some new features:

  • We will use the Ride With GPS website to detail all of our routes - check out their website here.
  • Engaging in discussion will be much easier with the new full-featured Forum
  • This new blog app will make it easier for the Ozaukee Bike Routes authors to post timely information
  • The new photo album will also make it easier add photos.  Please email photos to Admin@bikex.net

 Please feel free to offer suggestions for website improvements.

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