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Camp Awana Route

The Camp Awana route is one of Ozaukee Bike Routes more challenging adventures, but also one of the most delightful tours of Ozaukee County.  The purpose of this post is to give potential riders a good idea of what to expect on the route.

This route (scroll to Number 13 on the routes list) starts in the town of Grafton on Lake Shore Rd. at Lion's Den Gorge Nature preserve - (see Treasurers of Oz Lions Den ).  The GPS map route is here.  You can also see photo highlights of the route here.  And, please post any comments on our Forum.

Lion's Den

From Lion's Den, jog right on Lake Shore Rd and then cross Hwy C onto Ulao Parkway North (very cool road):


Crossing Hwy 32 - caution - stop at midway strip if heavy traffic:


Shortly after Hwy 32 turn right onto Ridgewood Rd as the route continues on a very quiet Grafton subdivision:


The last part of the route will return via the Interurban Trail and come back to this point.  However, for now we simply cross the trail and continue on Ridgewood.


A little jog to the left and then a right turn onto Hwy W puts the rider onto one of the busiest roads for the route.  However, there is a good shoulder and the distance is only a little over one mile.

Hwy W

Hwy W leads to Hwy 33 (traffic light controlled intersection) where the route turns left onto Hwy 33 for two tenths of a mile before turning right at the next traffic light onto Mill St - which is a nice low traffic road. Although less than ideal, the only way to cross the Milwaukee river in this area is to use Hwy 33.  There are two options for traversing this short stretch of road:  the first (and most common for cyclists) is to get into the right hand traffic lane (there are two lanes in each direction) and ride as quickly as possible.  This option assumes the rider is experienced with riding in high traffic conditions and knows how to "take the lane" when necessary.  The second option is to cross Hwy 33 using the traffic light walk signals and then cross the bridge on the sidewalk.  This second option is highly recommended for any rider that isn't fully confident with their skill level for this kind of situation. Fortunately, it's a short distance and the only one of its kind for this route.  As a side note, when the bridge was rebuilt a few years back, the planned bike lane was eliminated to save money.


Hwy O is fairly low traffic road with good pavement and a nice shoulder:

Hwy O

Turn onto Center Rd:


Near the end of Center Rd is a great barn:

Barn 1

Barn 2

Barn 3

Turn right onto Lakeland Rd and then later on a quick jog left and right onto St Finbar's Rd:


An old cemetery on Finbar's Rd:


Bike friendly area:


A jog left on River Park and then a right onto Cty Y:

Hwy Y

Right on Hwy A:

Hwy A

Left on Mill St., near bottom of hill on Hwy A, watch carefully as it's easy to miss the street sign.  Once on Mill be sure to stop and look at the river:

River on Mill

Take a left on Cigrand Dr., go over the bridge and take an immediate left onto River Rd. In downtown Waubedonia


Some great scenery on River Rd (notice the ducks):

River on River Rd

Next comes "The Hill" - pix makes it look too easy:


Top of the hill has great views and an interesting farm:

Hill Top 1

Hill Top 2

Hill Top 3

Turn Left on Kohler:


Rock walls: like a touch of Ireland:


Turn right on Riverside and enjoy the heavily wooded rural road with neat farms:

Riverside 1

Riverside 2

Riverside 3


A short jog left on Hwy H (be very careful - busy and poor line of sight) and then right onto Camp Awana Rd where you get to enjoy a few more hills:


Great views from the hilltop:

Awana Hilltop

Turn Right onto Jay road (road sign has been missing for some time now) and enjoy a few more up hills and some great downhills:

Jay Rd

Jay Rd

Continue on Jay Rd to mandatory ice cream stop:

Ice Cream

Continue of Jay Rd across Hwy 57 and then take the trail back to Port (Optional side route to Hobo food stop in Belgium):


Stop at the Dockside Deli in Port and wander through Coal Dock Park before taking the trail, Ridgewood and Ulao back to the Lion's Den:


Lake 1

Lake 2




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