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Suggestions for the New Season

The spring of 2016 starts a new year of bicycle activity for most of us who live in Ozaukee County or vicinity. I’m sure we all hope for many sunny days and safe traveling until the snow flies again. And, a tip of the hat to those hardy souls who cycled all winter.

Ozaukee Bike Routes website strives to make your cycling as safe and fun as possible for this new season. We encourage you to try as many of our 20 routes as suits your cycling ability.  Here are a few ideas for starting off the new season: 

  • If you’re a relatively new cyclist, try our easiest routes – Waubedonia and Covered Bridge. These routes are both rated at our easiest effort level (1) and are 14 and 20 miles respectively. The Waubedonia ride may actually surprise some long time residents of Ozaukee County with the two little-known parks on the route. The Tendick and Riveredge routes are equally impressive and only a step up in the effort level (2).
  • For the newer cyclist who is ready for the next challenge, try the Harrington Beach and Virmond Short routes. The Harrington route is very rural and the Virmond route is more urban.
  • For the moderately experienced rider, try the Cedar Grove, Virmond Medium, Jackson, Fredonia, and Brown Deer Park routes. Each of these routes explores wonderful parts of Ozaukee County and nearby counties.
  • For the moderately experienced rider who is ready to pick up the pace a bit, try Oostburg, Terry Andrae, and Camp Awana routes. Each these routes add a little more distance or effort to the mix. All of them have high reward value for rural great scenery.
  • For the most accomplished rider looking for a great work out, try the Random Lake and West Bend routes if you believe “Hills are Fun”. If distance is more your cup of tea, try the Virmond Long and Sheboygan routes. There is a rough outline for the Grand Loop and we welcome any feedback from “early adopters” who are willing to give this beast a try!

Best wishes on your travels this season and please register on our forum and share your experiences and comments.

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