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Camp Awana Route

The Camp Awana route is one of Ozaukee Bike Routes more challenging adventures, but also one of the most delightful tours of Ozaukee County.  The purpose of this post is to give potential riders a good idea of what to expect on the route.

This route (scroll to Number 13 on the routes list) starts in the town of Grafton on Lake Shore Rd. at Lion's Den Gorge Nature preserve - (see Treasurers of Oz Lions Den ).  The GPS map route is here.  You can also see photo highlights of the route here.  And, please post any comments on our Forum.

Lion's Den


Flat Tires - Tools & Techniques

If you ride a bike, you’ll get a flat tire – it’s just a matter of when and how awkward the circumstances will be.  My favorite setting is a cold drizzle next to a swamp swarming with mosquitoes and deer flies, no cell phone signal, getting dark, and no other person in sight.  Your experiences may vary!

Although walking your bike is one option, being prepared to fix a flat quickly and effectively may be a preferred option.  However, if you’d rather skip walking or preparing, here are a few other strategies for dealing with a flat tire: More...

Odds & Ends

Just in case you’ve been on safari with no TV or radio, this is a reminder that the Ride for the Arts is this Sunday, June 4TH.

Although Oz Bike Routes won’t be providing a guided bike tour this year for the Treasures of Oz Eco-Tour, you can still enjoy the 38 mile route that visits four of this year’s featured Treasures.  Plus Waubedonia Park that was featured previously.   Please feel free to email me with any questions. 

June 1ST to the 11TH is Wisconsin Bike Week sponsored by the Wisconsin Bike Fed There is a section for bike events in the Milwaukee Area – quite an extensive list!

The League of American Bicyclist featured a New York Times article - A Beginner’s Guide to Biking to Work that is well worth reading both for bike commuters and folks enjoying the kind of rides we have for Ozaukee Bike Routes.  One link in that article provides a nice summary of WI Bike Laws (scroll down a bit).

Oz Bike Routes promotes bicycle touring in Ozaukee County and some adjacent areas.  However, as summer is fast upon us, you may be interested in expanding your touring horizons.  As many of you already know, the premier organization for bicycle touring in the US is the Adventure Cycling Association and the best way to stay connected with that organization is to subscribe to their newsletter: Bike Bits

Happy Biking This Summer!


Riding in the Springtime

Nothing will cure the winter doldrums like a bike ride on a sunny day with a little fresh snow brightening up the side of the trail or roadway!  Here in WI we get to enjoy these springtime snowfalls that decorate the landscape while keeping the pavement relatively clear  – well, most of the time anyway.

Please see the previous post on Riding in November for cool weather clothing suggestions.  It’s pretty much the same deal for WI springtime except it keeps getting warmer instead of colder as time marches forth.  Speaking of time, remember that after the 21st of March there are only 3 months before the days start getting shorter again.  So, don’t waste a day! More...

Riding In November

Although I have a few friends who ride their bicycles all winter, most of us mere mortals tend to abandon our faithful steeds sometime in early Fall. But, November can treat us to some wonderful rides in the parks and countryside of Ozaukee County. According to the Wisconsin Fall Color Report, Ozaukee County reaches peak color near the end of October – which means a few more weeks in November of great scenery, especially near the warm waters of Lake Michigan More...

Longleaf Trace &Tanglefoot Trail - Mississippi

This is a guest post by Ron Friedel

We've been going south the last few winters, looking for bike trails that we can ride on and get away from the cold Wisconsin winters. Some of our favorite trails are the West Orange and South Lake, the Withlacoochee, the Nature Coast, the St. Marks and the Timpoochee, all in Florida, the Tammany Trace in Louisiana, and finally, the best of all, and the Longleaf Trace and the Tanglefoot Trail in Mississippi. There are other trails we would like to ride but we can park our RV on or within riding distance of these trails.

The Longleaf Trace is a 10 to 14 foot-wide paved rail-trail that runs between Hattiesburg and Prentiss, just over 40 miles. More...

News Graphic Bicycle Opinion 5-19-16

 "What bothers me about cyclists riding abreast and blocking traffic isn't so much that it is illegal - it's that it is just plain inconsiderate".

The News Graphic for Ozaukee County on 5-19-2016*, page A7, published an opinion by Mr. Gary Wickert, a Cedarburg Supervisor, titled "Sharing the Road".  The Newspaper's featured quote, shown above, is from Mr. Wickert's essay. More...