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6/9/2018 6:00:00 PM

In the past, Ozaukee Bike Routes website developed 20 bike routes in Ozaukee County that use a combination of the Interurban Trail and quiet rural roads to provide a safe and interesting bicycling experience for both novice and hard-core cyclists.


Our two goals for 2018 are first, to add some short routes for the casual rider that focus on the Interurban Trail itself along with some adjacent side trips and second, to update the website layout.


This first release of the updated website won’t feature the new trail side trips – these will be added over the next year.  This release provides a framework for those new routes – it lays out six sections of the trail plus access points from Milwaukee and Sheboygan counties.


Our hope is that some trail riders will help us in providing photos, videos and comments related to those six sections.  Please send an email to if you’d like to help.


And here’s wishing you a great cycling experience in 2018 and beyond!